Watercolour: 3 Colour Landscape 水彩画:三色水彩画风景

A simple 3 colour landscape in watercolour  


Watercolour 3 Colour Landscape

Remember... You can already paint!




Paint Burnt Umber, Lemon Yellow and Alizarin Crimson

Brushes 1 and 1/2 inch(38MM) Simply Painting Goathair brush

3/4inch(19mm) Simply Painting Goathair No 3 Rigger Simply Painting Nylon Brush

Sheet of 14 x 10 inches, 300 gms(140 lb) watercolour paper,masking tape, water container, pencil ruler, cloths and a 17 x 10 board to affix pape

"You can use any materials but I would recommend using the Simply Painting materials."

Frank Clarke


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Step 1

Firstly take the  sheet of watercolour  paper and affix it to all 4 corners with the masking tape.


Step 2

Now with a ruler and pencil pant the horizon line about 1/3 o the way up the paper.


Thats fIne.


Step 3

Now using the 1 1/2 inch goathair and some clean water wet the paper to about one inch above the horizon line.


Step 4

Next using a weak mixture of lemon Yellow and lots of water paint a strip right across the paper down again to about one inch above horizon line.


Step 5

Now add more Yellow and holding the brush sideways go up the paper leaving a few unpainted areas.


Step 6

Clean your brush and make up a weak mixture of Alizarin Crimson and paint a strip just under the top of the paper.


Step 7

Now clean your 11/2 inch brush and using Burnt Umber  starting at the top paint in some dark clouds. Make them smaller as you go down the paper.


Step 8

Stop when you reach the yellow strip of sky and then let it dry or dry with hairdryer.



Step 9

Now it is time to paint the letter ms or mountains using Burnt Umber Remember to leave a gap between the bottom of the mountains and  the horizon line.


Step 10

Keep Going.


Step 11

Change to the 3/4 inch brush but no water paint a dark but broken strip just above the horizon line.


Step 12

Be careful don't go below the horizon line.


Step 13

Make sure the middleground is dry and clean your brush Now using  a weak mixture of Burnt Umber and water paint in the lake below the horizon line.


Step 14

Go back to the 1 1/2 inch goathair and using an 80/20 mix of Burnt Umber and Lemon Yellow paint in the foreground.


Step 15

Add more Burnt Umber to the mix and make the right side darker.



Step 16

Keep working downwards adding more yellow towards the centre of your painting.


Step 17

Now make one broad stroke across the bottom of your paper.


Step 18

Add some burnt umber to your 11/2” goathair (dark colour) and paint in some reeds in shadow on the right side.


Step 19

This reflects the dark clouds on the right in your sky.


Step 20

Using a dry 11/2” goathair with a mix of 80% burnt umber and 20% lemon yellow with the tip of your brush dab in some fir trees on the left side using downward strokes of your brush,which should be dry.


Step 21

Keep working down your paper.


Step 22

Add more burnt umber to darken some of the trees.



Step 23

Keep painting down the paper using dark paint (burnt umber).


Step 24

Paint towards the right leaving some gaps.


Step 25

It’s time to use your nail brush. Using your nail scratch out some branches. Not too many.


Step 26

Now using your 11/2” goathair paint down to the bottom of your paper on the left corner. That completes your trees.



Step 27

Change to your no.3 rigger brush. Now lets paint some old fence posts. Use burnt umber and then join them up with some wire.


Step 28

Now lets put in two carrots (people). Use your no.3 rigger  with some burnt umber make sure you use plenty of water. Don't make the heads too big!


Step 29

Clean your brush and now using some lemon yellow with the tip of your brush dab in some buttercups (flowers) on the right.  


Step 30

It’s time to add “Joe the bird” and his friend if you like. Then clean your no.3 rigger and then using some white gouache,if you have it paint the right side of the fence.


Step 31

Now sign your painting and frame it.